Maloy Krishna Dhar is the author of Open Secrets ( avg rating, ratings, 35 reviews, published ), Operation Triple X ( avg rating, 93 rati. Now consider what Maloy Krishna Dhar, former joint director, Intelligence Bureau in his book published nearly a decade ago-“Open secrets-. Maloy Krishna Dhar’s Open Secrets, as he informs us at the outset, is not an autobiography; nor, indeed, does it offer an objective or critical assessment and.

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For that matter often writings of this nature are helped immensely by use of a professional writer so it is easier to read, too, but then both or either of these would have detracted from the oppen purpose of the book, which was to publish the manuscript as it was written by the author and found by his son.

I feel too much of unnecessary informations have been given. Want secrest Read saving…. He refused to recognize the fact that an intelligence operative is required to kiss even a venomous cobra……[Page ]. It helps the state to maintain peace at home and make war and peace abroad. More from The Times of India. A must-read for those that do not understand why some events occur in India the way they do. In this larger picture and the specific last maloj both, while some officials might be to blame such as the IB boss in the last incident who was far less than required for his post, most blame lies with the political leaders who direct and decide policies re intelligence and security, as is also amply clear from this account.

Dhar in these several chapters weaves all his little spy stories while stationed in the North-East, from Darjeeling to Nagaland. Nardmuni is a spy who collects information and dispenses misinformation. Though Dhar bemoans being a minor intelligence operator, he is just a small cog in a giant wheel which actually helps the Brahminical monsters trample and suck the blood of other smaller vermin and ultimately all the citizens.

Open Secrets: India’s Intelligence Unveiled – Maloy Krishna Dhar – Google Books

Dhar is an enigma who speaks from both sides of the mouth, a typical Brahmin trait. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


The operatives and officials are emasculated by politically tinged and often personalised demands krisgna the politicians. Not just the cour Open secret have enough fire in it,to shake anyone’s belief in government. Dhar does not know the meaning of honesty and ethics at all.

I had found the ordinary Naga home more civilized and polished than any Hindu home even in the cities like Delhi and Calcutta….

Open Secrets: India’s Intelligence Unveiled

This is a big fallacy. Mar 29, Ashutosh Kumar added it. This is an impossibility because Sreekumar served in the IB at the relevant point in time, and IB officers have no statutory authority or responsibility to take cognizance of the offences, register FIR, investigate, arrest, interrogate and prosecute anybody.

How they are not under control of anybody except the boss and there is no control over them by any parliamentary panel shows the dangers involved and the misuse of the apparatus by the political masters. Similarly they are adept in demonizing the people they do not like…[Page].

Over all good read and mrishna opener in may cases of decade of 60, 70 and Even The Secreys of Defense George Fernandes was caught red handed on video accepting massive bribes and yet nothing happened to him since the rot stems right to the very top.

Then there is the anecdote which reveals how a Mumbai businessman curried favour with then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

It lies in the affirmation by the country’s top intelligence hdar of what were mere suspicions about the sleazy doings of the people in question. Some nuggets missed These stories from Mr. I must appriciate the honesty of author in shearing his affections to Hindu nationality agenda.

This book exposes the political class and shows their true face. If Dhar is so clean, the entire diplomatic team operating in and around could voluntarily offer to be debriefed or be grilled Indian style by the CSIS and there is no question the real truth would come out as to who are the real culprits behind this deadly conspiracy to blowup the Air India plane.

Dhar admits that men from the Intelligence Bureau were culpable and directly responsible for the mass murder of thousands of Sikhs, yet personally feigns innocence. The IB is simply packed with ravenous hyenas trading their wares to the highest bidder whenever the opportunity arises, which happens to be a daily occurrence.


Jan 21, Dev Devesh rated it it was amazing. The end game of the IB, RAW, CBI, etc is simply being a pliable tool in the hands of the dirty politicians who use the entire apparatus for massive monetary and other ruthless gains but rarely for genuine national interests at least in the Indian context.

Open secrets reveal how in India they are servants of the people in an elected constitutional democracy. I was forced to keep the frayed dialogue line open.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. One can get attention of the the government by taking up arms and even then political problems are dressed up as military problems.

They wanted the Union home ministry to initiate a criminal case against the Bombay Dyeing chief under the Passport Act. If Dhar is so sure how come no Canadian-Sikh has been ever charged for the heinous crime till today?

It was obvious to anyone who watched the protests in Delhi by young students that the first boy who supposedly immolated himself and died, really did nothing of the sort – he was desperately trying to survive and amloy not allowed to; it is unimaginable that his fellow students would do anything but save him, do everything possible to save him, so it was obvious something else was afoot.

A book full of insights But he gave me to understand that his views on secularism….

This point deserved exploration, as Pakistan is known for stealing nuclear and rocket technology. Know better about IB Good book to know details about how intelligence bureau ib of India operates. A must read for every Indian nationalist. The book is written by someone who was in the ring.