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Shaykh Saud Ash Shuraim. Then he would pour the water making it flow over his entire body. Note that if she is wiping on the scarf, all the face should still be wetted with water and the ear wiped too as usual. Shaikh Saalih bin Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan.

Manhaj As Salikeen | Fiqh for Daily Life

Shaykh Sultan as Saleh. Shaykh Rashad Al Khalid. But leave the Salat Prayer for the duration of the days in which you used to menstruate, then do Ghusl shower, bath and pray. This is called Muwaalaat [29] [29].


That is sufficient [12] [12] and the number of times to wash to achieve that is not a condition since the Shaari did not saalikeen a number a condition for cleaning Najasah — except for the cleaning of the Najasah of the saliva of a dog wherein a condition has been laid down that it must be washed seven times with one of those washes being with sand. Imam Ahmed used to regard it to be weak.

Manhaj al-Salikeen-Essential Fiqh-Ustadh Abdul Wahid (3) by Masjid

He follows that by inserting his two forefingers index fingers in his two ears and wiping over the back of the ears with the two thumbs. Iman Abu Hatim al Razi. Shaykh Abdus Salam Faylakawi. Shaykh Khalid ad Dhufayree. Shaykh Ali Al Huthayfi. Shaykh Sultan Bin abeed Al Arabi.

But if you are ill or on a journey or any of you comes after answering the call of nature, or you have been in contact with women, and you find no water, then perform Tayammum with clean earth and rub therewith your faces and hands. Imam Abu Hilal Al Aaskari. Shaykh Yasir Al Jabri. Imam Abdul Samad Al Asakir.


Albani also classed it as Sahih. Bukhari, Tabari, Mundhiri, Ibn Abbas r.

Shaykh Ahmed Rashid Ar Ruhayli. Albani also classed it as Hasan].

Major Hadath is due to sex etc. Shaykh Abdul Hamid Al Hajoori.

Manhaj Salikeen: Code of the Righteous: Book of Purification |

Imam al Izz Bin Abdis-Salam. Hall Carl Marks Carol L. Shaykh Abdul Azeez Ar Rayyis. Albani also said its chain is Sahih.

Manhaj As-Salikeen: Introduction to Fiqh

He washed his face. Shaykh Dr AbdurRahman Dimashqeyyah. Shaykh Khalid ar Raddadi.

Shaykh Jamal bin Fareehan al Harsee. Shaykh Abdul Hameed Rahmani.