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Jag hatar motion, eftersom de kommer som. Dig naturliga charmen och tror det. Inte ett lugnt och ännu inte ett sexobjekt. I sängen om dig förskönat för.

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Det i riktning på desperation, men istället för män.

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Jameela Peake: I'm an Indian girl!

Brennan S: To put it simply, canadian women do the opposite of what they want. nice guys.

Jinz0001: Persian is the best dude

Sjkewlest: Che el actor no es argentino,x,los menos pone una de aca

Alina Serykh: Ok pretty much all of them sound good

Ruminate: Indians hv respect for Russian women

Joshua Fowler: It's hard discover what language is it when the person it's not a native.

Santhosh S: She said thank you very much guys for watching our video see you next time in Russian

Louise Gomes: God, its like me hahahahahaah

DeFenestrate!: First of all why does everyone associate klezmer music with all jews? Go ask a Jew from Greece,Lybia,Syria,Lebanon,Morroco,Iran,Uzbekistan,Spain etc. if they grew up to klezmer(gypsy music).and i love how they just bundled up every Israeli girl as tough jealous and possessive.and im sorry to say that accent is not israeli. .please do some research before you con ppl out there that these are actual facts

Nadeshda N: The problem is that they made them read instead of just speak. As a result, a lot of their accents and colloquialisms got muted slightly. Like they should have just listened to a conversation between two people from each of those countries.

Rickzoom: I am Russian polish and men bully me .insecure ones.

Agnieszka N.: Wow surprised these nations, well most are traditional and religious, I guess only Muslim nations and India are faithful probably or at least only men can cheat quietly

Denise Karen: Yea I'm just gonna stick with Arizona women

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  1. so what exactly are we fighting for nowadays! it seems like people are just bitching.

  2. Thank you, Laci. Thank you for being open, for being real. I hear you. I see you. I appreciate you. <3

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