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  • Apply for a deposit with the County Administrative Board. To make a...
  • Making international bank transfers will be subject to deposit fees.
  • Deposit money was often used as a disguised form of protectionism in favour of Germany...
  • Verifying my payment method | Payments | Freelancer Support
Making a deposit

It wasn't accurate It wasn't clear It wasn't relevant I need to contact support for this issue This article is insufficient to solve my issue Others. To deposit money you owe to someone, one of the following requirements must be met: Genom att använda vår webbplats accepterar du att kakor används. How do I make a deposit? Confirm that all information is correct to avoid verification errors.

You send an application to the County Administrative Board and pay the amount you want to deposit.

Adding a verified payment method to your account allows making deposits and payments easier. Mouse surpassing your account up, and select Guarantee Payment Method from the dropdown menu. Select your preferred payment source: Plan for the details compulsatory. Confirm that all information is for sure to avoid verification errors.

Verifying your payment method is free. Some card gateways, in whatever way, may charge a small fee which will be automatically refunded in 2 - 3 livelihood days.

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I forgot my password. If your deposit takes longer than that, scroll down and click Contact Us to submit the following details: I am looking to Hire Work. E-mail to the County Administrative Board of Stockholm. Was this article helpful? Credit or debit card authentication is a different process.

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