After fuckin guy shoot over his mates chest - Den bästa filmrepliken någonsin?

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I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!

For Hyland, it is impossible to discuss the standard celebrity profile details without also discussing her lifetime of living with chronic illness, which has colored every facet of her life.

I got fuckin' shot in the face! Då blev det ingen donation, trots att det fanns ett ja från anhöriga, berättar Mikaela Jonasson.

Jimmy Kring väntar på en ny njure. Genom personliga berättelser och positiva budskap lyckas MOD- Mer organdonation synliggöra organdonation som en livsviktig fråga. Endast för Samuel L. Denna gång tillsammans med dom jag älskar mest av allt i hela världen, mina två barn och min älskade fru Malin. Arlington dating

Detta är en stor framgång för alla på väntelistan som har anhöriga som vill donera men dom inte matchar. Men hmm, bland filmer som inte innehåller Gud? I have the greatest family one could ask for. But much of the rest of her health history is not. MOD står för Mer Organdonation och arbetar för att lyfta frågor om organdonationer och samarbetar med sjukvården och politiker för att sprida information.

Jag tvekade inte ett ögonblick att tacka ja. Varav det högsta var Chakaltaya m.

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Isaac Camacho: The man in thumbnail looks like jon cozart!

Cheyenne: Omg! I love these vidoes! Cooking your girlfriend Pizza because she's italian? Would you cook an Indian woman curry and a Mexican woman tacos ? ? Seriously who would do that without knowing her favourite foods thoroughly beforehand ? ? ?

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James Pidgeon: I don't understand how people can't understand an irish or scottish accent. Coming from a celtic family in us I'm around it quite a bit but I don't get how you can't understand what is being said.

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After fuckin guy shoot over his mates chest

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Zeph Yu: I have just discovered I am just like a German man and I am a girl from Panama City hahaha this has made me laugh so much. Great video!

Yassine Md: Almost close to my beautiful Hungarian wife.

Opperbuil .NL: Where is bosniaa?

Jess Petty: I'm a big fan of Slavic languages

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Hatter00: Spanish and English people come from the celtics, that they were in Britain but they travelled to the north of Espain

Fred Salazar: Her French is so much bad wtf

Fetiki Lee: Really loved this but some aspects shown here might be relative to the type of family the girl has. They can be really open and all accepting or they can be real conservatives and control freaks. I think it totally depends from person to person. In fact I think it may apply to all in this world.

Ramunas Jack: That dude was fine!

Goshujin-sama: The temper thing, is not a stereotype. Believe me, I KNOW

Kerotoin: Am I the only one to think the first woman looks dangerously skinny? Oh and it makes me angry how damn generic the Russian guy's views on women are.

Roaring: You should totally do how to date an Austrian woman! :)

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  1. laci you should really include trans people more in your videos. this is kind, disappointing

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