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Max orloff nude

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Robert Murphy: What a joke

GaminWorld101: That's it. literally, i can recognize asian languages, but not european languages

Dem Guiz: That's soooo interesting to watch , now it's already the fourth time, whenever I'm not happy just turn on and one click;)

Madame Evie: Did the Brazilian Portuguese read from Google translator? She didn't sound AT ALL like Portuguese. And That's coming from a Brazilian.

TheGbitte: Sou brasileiro, mas acho o sotaque de Portugal muito TOP!

Eugenia: There was no german.triggered >:(

Vanita1424: When de trini soca start *

Thomas Cheng: Oh, BTW, Yuta 3 3 3

Linda Chatard: The bread and the cheese look like something you would eat when you are in a hurry but you have to put something in your stomach. And even after, if someone asked you if you had lunch/dinner, you would answer No because it's not proper food, it's filthy stomach-filling things.

Vih Iglesias: That Australian accent tho!

Asmoada: France french is way sexier

Alice Angel: Been perplexed for minutes 'till i realized what slavic actually means. with the bendage i thought it was something about slaves in bdsm.

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Leonardo Mota: Not only her 'acting is amazing.

Aruytpadyugf: Why did they choose gay men to listen to the sexiest languages?

Sarah Reis: These guys sound drunk lol

Carla Rondoni: Seriously do brazilian make out anywhere at anytime?

Alicia Varela: Speaking as an Indian girl, we're not that conservative around our families anymore. And not all of us are looking for hardcore commitment.

Lorenzo Ciani: Polish women please, they make great wives and girlfriends I heard.

Lawendowa2002: Those danes are a weird bunch \\sweden

Astrogio: That's Enrique song

Marie Ji: That guy who said I hate to say good things about Paris but. seems like he would complain about many things if you let him. Is that a stereotype, too? I suddenly remember there was a complaining part in the You know you are dating a French man video :P The last guy, though. Bravo for his amazing hearing!

Martina Chan: Esta seguro vive en el 71

Do I contact him again to leave it? Really appreciate input!

Leslie Huntley, Supervising Sound Editor: Madagaskar 3 från DreamWorks Animation, i bästa videoformat och därför fick vara Tillstånd i hela din land.

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