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Kunal Mahajan: If the guy makes the girl pay, she won't call him never more.

Corn Is Best: Tough russky guy with vodka and on the bear

Cara Jade: Women behave like men and men behave like women. fuck feminism.

Simon Browne: This really only proves that women have no idea what they want. Moreover they have no idea how the world works especially how biology works. Basically women are completely clueless.

Hez Kiefer: What a hell? This is so scary

Pikria Inadze: Haha great sketches, the part about not wanting the kiss on the cheek or to get touchy is extremely different from person to person. But the other things were spot on for both me and everyone i know, Especially the part about expecting the guy to make a move first and to pay on a date. Can't stress the last point enough.

Damn Ebeggar: I'm russian and all i wanted to say that 70 of russian girls are very spoiled and way too bitchy! Nowadays they try too much to look like American girls or girls from the movies. : sad. in the past the were very gorgeous and very unique,but now, all girls around the globe are just trying to immitate chichks from the movies: uniqueness has been lost,seriously -

Greg McKnight: Never date in LA, they are all bunch of liberal shithead

Melanie: We should stop shaming women who aren't able to marry before 30. Just because they are women, they have a ticking biological clock society should not expect them to get settled because of it. They need to be educated, travel the world and fully sexually liberated before even thinking about getting settled. Society should not interfere with their choice.

Tsukishiro: This is soooo true! Btw, this is a favourite movie for my mom, my sister and me :D The hockey thing! What Russian girl doesn't know the hockey rules! Come on!

William Dam: Morrocan man or women please?

E K Fastlane: Video was waste of time

What do women do when around an attractive guy?

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Do girls can get multiple Orgasm from oral or its a myth?

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monografier och avhandlingar från åren , men även äldre perspective too, is missing in this definition, so it is thus only one possible point of Queering the pitch: The new gay and...